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I wonder if my boss ever regrets hiring me. Happy valentines day!

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Devon Kay and The Solutions - W.W.B.C.D.

“She started screaming ‘cause I kept asking questions, she said ‘I’m not okay, I’m not okay.’

I started yelling at the point of comprehension, screaming ‘I’m not okay, I’m not okay, with you, falling in love again.”

Today, I wrote boner on a dollar and laminated it because I’m an adult and can make these decisions. (at Adulthood)



I am the king of good ideas.

Impromptu trip to Milwaukee via the megabus. I have nowhere to stay.

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Iron Chic,
Not Like This


Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man (Not Like This)

I wanna smash my face

Into that goddamned radio

And it may seem strange

But these urges come and go

I’m seeing double now

I tell the truth in steroe

I don’t say much

And when I do its not enough

(via aulucerne)